Mystical Woods Fragrance Oil


Fragrant grains of sandalwood are polished with royal honey and golden amber. Enchanting notes of deep patchouli and sparkling bergamot lie in the heart of these precious woods. Phthalate free. Paraben free.
Vanilla Content: 0%
Flashpoint: 200°F

INCI: Parfum

Maximum Skin Safe Exposure:
Soap, Body Wash, Bath Salts: 8.7%
Lotions & Scrubs: 46%
Face Cream: 15%
Perfume: 46%
Lip: 0%

*NOTE: These are maximum use levels for skin exposure only. These percentages may not reflect the amount of fragrance that a base/product can accept. Be sure to test the final product to ensure that it performs as desired/intended.


Worked well in CP soap.  I found the scent to be quite "perfumey", so I blended it 50:50 with fir balsam EO and added a touch of cedarwood EO to bring out the woody nature. Will definitely purchase again.

Works great in CP soap, no acceleration. It doesn't smell woodsy at all and it's a very light fragrance in the soap.

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I made a batch of soap with just the fragrance alone and I like it, the men loved it, but when I added a touch of frasier fir it just made it that much better :D

Even though I commented how it doesn't smell very woodsy, it is still a popular scent at craft shows.   

Oh this smells so good!!!! My hubby loves it!!!

Loved it such a nice scent